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New Year Smile Resolution: What Does 2022 Hold for Your Child’s Oral Health?

It’s a new year to think about your child’s oral health and 2022 has a lot of challenges and risks in store when it comes to oral hygiene. 

For this reason, we parents are going to play an important role in maintaining the best oral health possible for our kids. There’s no better time to get started than now, so what can you do to help your child have the best smile this year and beyond? 

Watch how long your children brush their teeth 

Keeping track of how long your kids brush their teeth is a crucial step in helping them adopt proper oral hygiene habits. 

Ideally, your kids should be brushing for up to two minutes. They should also remember to brush at least twice a day. It may be surprising but usually, we have to help our kids brush up until the age of 10. So, if your kids are still undergoing distance learning, take this as an opportunity to help them proper tooth brushing. 

There are several strategies you can try that will help them make proper tooth brushing a daily habit. Try singing to them a catchy song that they can remember while they brush their teeth. Our older kids can listen to their favorite song or brushing app. At Children’s Choice, we make a monthly brushing music mix for our kids. With strategies like this, your child will always be in the mood for brushing as they reduce the risk of dental complications. 

Keep them on a healthy diet 

Kids should not snack on sweets and other foods that harm teeth over time. With that being said, you might as well encourage your kids to adopt a healthy diet. 

You can start by cutting back on their candy and other sugary treats in favor of foods rich in calcium to keep their pearly whites strong. Fruits and vegetables are also a good example of what to include in their daily meals. Vitamin C is also a great nutrient that helps prevent gum disease such as gingivitis. 

Use healthy rewards 

Learning the benefits of good oral health should not feel like a punishment to your children. They might not understand the importance of it – at least not yet. 

For that matter, positive reinforcement can do wonders in getting your child more involved in taking care of their dental health. 

Give them rewards like stickers or time off from their chores if they brush regularly. They can also receive healthy snacks like apple slices (nature’s toothbrush) as a prize. 

You can also have them choose a preferred toothbrush and toothpaste that will add an element of fun to the routine. Consider custom toothbrushes that feature their favorite character. When it comes to toothpaste, give them options for different flavors.

Track their progress 

It takes time before your child makes a routine out of taking care of their teeth. So, be patient and work closely with a pediatric dentist. 

You should also play an active role in monitoring issues like speech defects and snoring. These could be the result of dental or airway defects, so visit your dentist and get the right advice. 

Good oral health is crucial to your child’s development. By keeping a closer eye on their dental habits, you can help your child achieve a healthy smile as they grow into and through puberty. 

All you need is the perfect partner. At Children’s Choice, we are committed to aiding your child in their journey to better oral health. Learn why we are a top choice by scheduling an appointment. Call us at (202) 410-0088 today!

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