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5 Things To Know About Kids’ Dental Health

When it comes to kids’ dental health, I believe it’s fair to say I have good experience in the matter.
I dive into policy boards, mingling with children needing special attention for their oral health. 

Also, I’m all in for teaching aspiring dentists as a speaker at Children’s National Hospital and a sidekick faculty member at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. 

My journey from digging into cultural anthropology at Duke University to grabbing a master’s in baby and mom health, has lit up my view of children’s oral health.
Working with kids this way helps me mold good oral hygiene habits in them. Let’s roll through a few things you should know about children’s teeth care:

It starts as early in the womb

The kickoff of a child’s tooth journey starts in the womb as early as six weeks. 

Moms with bad dental habits or shaky health might steer their little ones toward future dental issues. 

Failing to address these early on could affect your future children’s oral health before they’re even welcomed into the world.

Role of Family Dentists

Family dentists spread pearls of wisdom to women who may be future mothers, enlightening them about the straight-up impact of their overall well-being, including oral health, on their tiny one’s teeth. 

Teaming up with them could give you insightful pros and tips on teething that parents like you could use for your kids’ dental health.

Tethered Ties and Infant Oral Health

Laser frenectomy for setting free tied-up vibes, like tongue or lip ties, stands out in my gig. This move can help tiny humans chow down, chat, and breathe way smoother. 

Pushing a team vibe with lactation consultants, pediatric dentists, and possibly infant chiropractors is the key here.

Early dentist visits

A child’s first trip to the visit should ideally go down around age 1. 

Starting early lets us groove on their tooth journey, get the lowdown on baby and fam tooth history, and deal with worries about sleep funk and breath biz.

Holistic Approach and Behavioral Health

Stress-induced behaviors like teeth grinding and thumb-sucking have seen an uptick during the pandemic.

Dental professionals now regularly check for signs of stress and other conditions, reminding their patients of the importance of regular oral health despite tough times.

Dental professionals, especially those dealing with kids, need to work with families on talks about nutrition, sugar intake, finger-sucking, and potential dental trauma. 

Reinforcing positive nutritional habits, enlightening parents about concealed sugar sources, and addressing concerns about pacifier and finger-sucking habits are indispensable are key parts of kids’ dental health.

My approach isn’t just about dental well-being of young patients, but also laying down knowledge and building strong bonds with families. 

By tackling a kid’s dental journey from all angles—early tricks, food wisdom, and the whole feel-good vibe—we can add some flavor to the well-being of the next wave. 

As dental professionals, we’re not just “tooth doctors,” but essential members of healthcare, working together to make sure kids live their best lives with great oral health!

Originally written by Doctor Anamelechi:

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