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5 Simple Teeth Care Tricks for Children

5 Simple Teeth Care Tricks for Children

As a parent, teaching your little ones certain teeth care tricks sets the stage for a life full of smiles.

It’s your responsibility to ensure your children keep their teeth as clean as possible so they stay healthy and strong. Here are a few ways they can do that:

Make brushing teeth a creative adventure

One of the best teeth care tricks is to transform the snooze-worthy task of brushing into a wild and colorful quest. 


Snag toothbrushes that explode with crazy colors and characters your kiddo adores. Let them dive into the toothpaste aisle and pick their flavor – whether it’s fruity, bubblegum, or minty magic. 

Turning the tooth-brushing routine into a game keeps your kids hooked and ensures they keep brushing for the recommended two minutes.

Lock in the Routine from the Start

Routines matter when it comes to taking care of those pearly whites. 

Get the ball rolling early to help your child understand that brushing is a must-do in their daily agenda.

Set specific times for brushing – after breakfast and before hitting the hay – to add structure to the dental dance.

To make the routine stick, try joining your child when they brush. Make it a family gig, showing them that everyone is on board for this teeth-cleaning extravaganza. 

Introduce Snacks with a Healthy Twist

When it comes to teeth care tricks, what goes into the tummy matters for teeth health too! Push lots of fresh fruits, veggies, and dairy treats as tooth-friendly snacks. 

These pack a punch for overall health and do wonders for the pearly whites.

Try to nudge them away from sugary snacks and drinks, especially between meals, and always make sure a toothbrush is their trusty sidekick to tackle cavities. 

Show them how it’s done

What’s the best kind of teeth care trick for children? Showing them how it’s done in the first place.

School them on the proper brushing techniques, putting a spotlight on hitting all the nooks and crannies – front, back, and chewing zones.

Arm them with toothbrushes sporting soft bristles, and show them the ropes on angling the brush to get along the gumline. 

Drill in the importance of giving their tongue a good scrub to kick out the bacteria and keep their breath minty fresh.

Regular dental check-ups

Schedule your kiddo’s first dental date around their first birthday or when more of their pearly whites start making an appearance. 

Early visits with the dentist make the dental clinic scene less scary and get them excited for future check-ups.

These check-ups are also prime time for you and your child to learn more proper teeth care tricks so that you both make sure to keep the pearly whites strong and healthy.

If you want to help your child achieve better oral health, reach out to us at My Children’s Choice and learn how we can lead the way to a brighter future.  

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