Brushing and Parenthood

“What Should Mommy Do… For Her Child’s Dental Care?”: Insights About Brushing and Parenthood

As a parent, we have so many shoes to fill inside and outside the home.

Apart from being professionals and business owners, we are also playmates cooks, chauffeurs,

and all-around nannies to our little ones.

It’s a thankless job, yes, but being a parent can also be a journey towards discovering what we really are to our children.

As both a parent and a pediatric dentist, I think it matters a lot to be that supportive factor in the lives of my kids.

What makes this challenging is that there is no ideal blueprint to becoming a mommy. Much of what you learn about being a mom just comes out of nowhere.

You learn more about yourself as you go along. It can both be enriching and intimidating, but what matters is that you be there for your kids.

Then again, there’s only so much you can experience and learn in your journey as a parent. And I know for sure that moms are always looking for the best approach to helping their kids embrace healthy dental practices.

It’s for this very reason that I am excited to announce that I have co-edited a book on how mommies can encourage their kids to watch out for their oral health.

Written by Desmond Marquez (who is by and large a phenomenal and the most insightful person I have ever met!), “What Should Mommy Do… for Her Child’s Dental Care?” is a must-have for moms (and even for daddies!) who want to do more for their children.

Inspired by his own mom (who sadly passed away in 2018), the “What Should Mommy Do…?” series is Desmond’s way of putting his passion for writing into a project that helps parents on their journey.

I am honored to have collaborated with Desmond on this book and shared my knowledge as both mommy and dentist to answer the burning questions that both first-time and not-so-new parents have about pediatric dental care.

I have to say that this is a special book because there are not many out there that talk about how parents should approach dental care for their kids!

We’re looking forward to sharing not just the right type of toothpaste to use on toddlers, but also gold nuggets of insight about parenting in general!

Reach out to us and we’ll let you know how to get your own copy of “What Should Mommy Do.. for Her Child’s Dental Care.”

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